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gutter repair

It takes an expert to root out your precise gutter problem and make the proper corrections. In Lincoln, Nebraska, that expert is Gutter Dawgs. A clogged downspout or gutter can compromise the effectiveness of the entire system. Dirt, tree droppings, and leaves can weigh down a gutter and pull it apart from the house. Leaks and holes allow water to drip where it’s not supposed to.

All these problems demand expert attention. The pros at Gutter Dawgs perform a thorough inspection, diagnose the problems, and use the latest technology and materials to patch holes, reattach and re-level gutters, replace damaged parts, and get your system working as good as new.

Depend on Gutter Dawgs’ repair specialists for:

  • Prompt gutter repair service as scheduled
  • A fair and accurate assessment of your gutters. We’ll let you know if it’s time for a new system or if repairs are the best option.
  • High-quality, long-lasting gutter replacement parts
  • Free, upfront estimates with no surprises
  • A commitment to total customer satisfaction…we’re not satisfied until you’re completely happy with your gutter repairs

Gutter Dawgs handles the whole job from start to finish, while providing you with quality, durable materials and dependable service at a price you can afford.

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Gutter Dawgs handles all aspects from start to finish to provide you with the best qualtiy materials and service.

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